Two demo scenes, shot for practice

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Steve Cosmic, writer/director

Here are two scenes, joined together to make a short film. This short film was shot with two of my students, who acted as the film crew, and a student make up artist and a beginner production assistant. The two actors were volunteers.

We used a lower quality camera than will be used for Sam and Leah, and we had to rush a bit in a few places.

Yet it still got sold to TV!

There are similarities and differences to note between these two demo scenes, and Sam and Leah.

First, these two scenes are about half way through the movie, so they will make more sense if you have seen the movie from the start.

Second, Sam and Leah will have about EIGHT TIMES the resolution of the picture shown here.

About half of the movie will be shot at the exact same location.

More appropriate actors will be used, including a Sam who looks like and carries himself like a former pro baseball pitcher.

TV people liked these two scenes enough to pay for the broadcast rights. These two scenes are about 11 minutes long. This means that TV people have already approved about 1/9th of the movie!

And these two scenes are not the best part of the movie. We shot them because they fit together as a stand alone short film. This movie will sell!

Long synopsis and more, here.


Progress so far