Love at first plight.

I made my first short film in 1999. It got sold for TV broadcast. Selling your first short film is almost unheard of. Since then, I have sold a total of 7 short films to TV. Real TV, not internet TV. This is also very rare.

The picture quality of these 7 shorts was admittedly not that good. Then why did they sell?

They sold because of the writing, the acting, and the directing. And good directing starts with good casting.

I know how to make movies that sell.

Actors like working with me. I helped an actress win a Best Actress Award.

Sam and Leah will be my best movie ever.
And it will sell!
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Steve Cosmic, writer/director

Sam and Leah is a 90 minute romantic comedy.

This movie, at this time anyway, is meant for TV. And of course it can be sold as VOD.

I have designed this movie so it is cheap to shoot, meaning it starts making a profit after it has aired only once or twice.

Sam and Leah will be a quality movie that everyone involved with will be proud of, from cast to crew to producer(s).

Sam and Leah is based on a true story, which always increases sales.

The investment opportunity will comply with all applicable securities laws.

Long synopsis and more, here.


Two demo scenes

Progress so far
My 111 IMDB movie credits are here.
Update, July 8, 2019.

I started this project ages ago. I got one initial investor right away, and over time,
3 others who gave deposits on smaller investments. The project stagnated. I had financial problems and family problems.

I have recently started another approach, seeking a well established
filmmaker who should have better luck finding funding for this movie.

Using a disruptive filmmaking approach, it can be made for a low cost.

News on this will be posed here.
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