Progress so far

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Steve Cosmic, writer/director

I wrote the first draft for this movie in 2005. I had numerous actors over and we workshoped most of the scenes, and shot about 6 of them on video. I then had numerous family problems, and this project got moved to the back burner. Some time passed and I got busy with other less ambitious projects, which included shooting, directing and editing for others.

But Sam and Leah is at the forefront again, and it is now full speed ahead!

Looking at the delays now, I see them as being all for the good. I got lots more experience directing, shooting and editing, and I grew as a person. I now have greater empanty and undestanding for people I work with, and this includes actors. All of this learning will help make Sam and Leah a better movie.

Long synopsis and more, here.


Two demo scenes


Lots has been done already. Here is a list of progress to date.

1. The script has been extensively polished after hiring script experts.

2. The story rights are half paid for, with a legal agreement signed.

3. Two songs have been licensed and fully paid for.

4. An entertainment lawyer has been retained. Agreements for actors, crew, locations and music have all been written and paid for. There is about $1000 still in trust with the lawyer for any further legal work which might have to be done.

5. A limited liability company has been incorporated.

6. A website has been built and updated.

7. About 8 scenes have been "pre shot", which was excellent practice, and which means when it is time for the real shoot, they will go very smoothly.

8. Many of the locations have been scouted. The main location, where about half the movie will be shot is secured, and donated with no fee to be paid.

9. I now have extensive experience at selling movies online, and know how to market this movie.

10. There is high interest in the movie by talent and crew. Actors who have read the script call the roles dream roles.

11. A business plan was written by an expert and paid for.

12. Miscellaneous other details, including scouting, attending workshops and seminars, and studying filmmaking and marketing.

13. $25,000 has been spent on the develpment and pre production of this movie so far.

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