Based on a true story. Copyright.

There are funny parts in this movie. Leah has a whimsical sense of humour and plays tricks on Sam sometimes. They make each other laugh, like people in love do.

Great acting will explore the different levels of the strong characters, Sam and Leah.

Suspense will build as they implement Sam's dangerous plan to rescue Leah from her abusive boyfriend.

The audience will be inspired by their multi level courage and desire to change.

And the audience will identify with and fall in love with both Sam and Leah and want to watch this movie more than once.

Investors are wanted for this movie. This investment opportunity will comply with all securities and exchange laws. This offer is void in Pennsylvania.
The long synopsis

Sam is an alcoholic in his 40's, tall and athletic. He played minor league baseball in his 20's and advanced to the Big Leagues where he pitched 3 successful innings. He celebrated his accomplishment by getting drunk and walking into a moving car. He broke his collar bone and it never healed quite right, so he never regained his full pitching ability. He kept trying in the minor leagues for a while, but went into a downward spiral with alcohol and drugs. He got clean and sober, and at the time of this story, he is making his living building websites for others and selling baseball related merchandise on the internet. He was married and has a 12 year old son who does not live with him.

Leah is a cocaine addict in her late 20's, slim and attractive. Her boyfriend is a dealer and she gets coke from him. She fights frequently with him, and leaves him, or he throws her out, and she goes back to him. Sometimes he beats her. She occasionally works as a waitress, and sometimes as a prostitute and other times as a model. She is a compulsive liar, and part of her wants to change.

Sam and Leah meet through an internet ad. Sam hires her for a lingerie video, and they become friends. He shelters her and feeds her sometimes when she has had a fight with her boyfriend. Sometimes he picks her up on skid row after she has been binging on coke for a week, and nurses her back to health. They do healthy activities together, such as day drives, movies, dining and going to the beach. They never have sex together. They don't even kiss.

Sam wants to wean her from prostitution and comes up with a plan for her to make some lingerie videos for sale on the internet. He also encourages her to waitress and finish her grade 12, and he starts taking her to AA meetings. Leah is reluctant to go sometimes, and sometimes she is keen to go. At AA, Sam meets a woman closer to his age, and Leah becomes jealous, even though she has an AA guy around her age interested in her.

Leah is frequently back with her drug dealer boyfriend, not seeing Sam for a while. Sam starts getting frightening phone calls late at night from her boyfriend, who threatens to have him killed.

Leah learns of a plan by her boyfriend where he plans to rip off a big time dealer, and then have him murdered. Sam comes up with a dangerous plan to prevent the murder and to get Leah's boyfriend to leave him and her alone for good. This part is exciting and suspenseful.

The plan works, and Sam marries the AA woman who is closer to his age. Leah is hurt and jealous. Sam leaves his new bride after being married for two minutes, and runs off with Leah. End.

The screenplay is copyright, and so is this long synopsis. It may not be copied or used in any way without express written permission.

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